JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder

What is JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder?

JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder is an affordable, performance enhancing additive for your existing building, industrial, and coating products. Performance benefits include:

Powder Benefits





JIOS AeroVa® – A Flexible Solution

Production of aerogel powder can be tailored to varying particle sizes.  The primary product currently offered has a particle size of 20um with a thermal conductivity measuring 0.017 ~ 0.022 W/mžK. Smaller particle grades are also available upon request.

A Flexible Solution

JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder Applications

Our experts are ready to help you add our aerogel to your:

Gypsum boards
Cement and perlite composites
Textiles and performance threads
PU boards

Partner With Us

We make it easy to incorporate aerogel into your products. Our experienced R&D and Engineering teams can assist with:

Finding an aerogel formulation tailored to your products
Assisting with ASTM and other industry standard tests and documentation



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