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It’s Easy to Formulate with JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder

Formulating your products with JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder lets you develop premium performance offerings at a surprisingly affordable cost.  JIOS’ applications engineers have successfully added JIOS aerogel powder to a wide array of common products such as those listed below .

JIOS’ team will work with your product development team to formulate a product that has the performance and price profile to succeed in your marketplace.  In many cases we have accelerators that include formulations, performance metrics, test results and even machines that can help you jump start your product development.

Building Materials

Gypsum – Adding JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder to your gypsum board formulation can reduce thermal conductivity by 20% to 60%, improve sound attenuation and make your boards
      super insulators.

Cement – Low thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and hydrophobic properties make aerogel powder the perfect solution to improve cement’s thermal and moisture resistance.
Fire Proof Coatings – JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder can be mixed in your formulations to create super performing fireproof coatings.
Thermal Coatings – Aerogel is a powerful insulator. Adding JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder to your formulation gives you a top performing coating that delivers performance with less coats.


Blankets – An excellent solution for insulating home appliances from refrigerators to microwaves.  JIOS aerogel blankets’ extremely low thermal conductivity enables our blankets to insulate
      appliances while increasing internal dimensions, reducing condensation, and obtaining higher Energy Star ratings.

Coatings – JIOS aerogel coating has an extremely low k-value of 0.45 W/mK. Our coatings are easily applied to both low (-200°C) and high (250°C) temperatures minimizing heat lost.


Coatings – JIOS aerogel powder is a great sound attenuator.  Add our powder to your sound dampening coating to reduce interior noise.
Blankets – JIOS aerogel blankets are a great insulating and sound attenuating solution where you need a thin, light-weight, high performance solution.

Oil and Gas

Coatings – Create a high performance insulation coating that also fights CUI by formulating with JIOS aerogel powder.


JIOS aerogel powder can provide waterproof, UV protection, and oil absorption benefits when formulated into skin care products. Silica aerogel is designated as a GRAS substance by the FDA.

If you’d like to be able to offer aerogel enhanced products, we’d like to talk.


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