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At a Glance.
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Thermal Insulation
Nano pores inside multi-porous structure create a thermal barrier.
Thermal conductivity: 17 to 22 mW/mK
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Super hydrophobic.
Repels water and moisture.
Contact angle of more than 150o.
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Sound Attenuation
Excellent energy dampening properties.
Heat-blocking multi-porous structure creates sound and vibration barrier.
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Lightest man-made material.
Only weighs 3 times the weight of air.
Air porosity is more than 90%!
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Fire Resistance
Retains fire and heat resistant properties native to silica powder.
Temperature range: -200 to +1,600o C.
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Large surface area allows volume to increase drastically when dispersed.
BET surface area: 600 to 800g/m2

AeroVa Aerogel Powder TDS

AeroVa Aerogel Fine Powder TDS

Small and Light.

With particle sizes below 50 micron,
JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder is small and optimal for dispersion in various materials. Finest grade powder has particle size below 5 micron, for semiconductor and cosmetic industries.

Each open-cell particle has thousands of air pores ranging in tens of nanometers.
The result is a super light powder with density below 0.1 g/cm3.

Simply put, more than 90% is air!

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Thermal Insulation.

Like no other.

Thermal insulation properties of JIOS AeroVa is like no other solid material. Tiny pockets of air inside the powder particle act as a great thermal barrier.

Imagine a bubble wrap. Take the bubbles and miniaturize them to a nanometer level. Have millions and billions of them so they are invisible to the naked eye. Although the powder itself looks like flour, its structure can be imagined as such.

Thermal conductivity of JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder is below 0.020 mW/mK at room temperature. There’s nothing else like it!

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Super Hydrophobic.

JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder is highly repulsive to water. In fact, it is so hydrophobic such that the contact angle of the water droplet is more than 150 degrees!

Superhydrophobic qualities help retain the nano-pore structure when dispersed in various water-based substances, effectively keeping the thermal barrier alive.

When water is spilled on a surface coated with JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder, they form droplet balls that look like marbles. Water droplets will roll right off the surface, leaving the surface stain-free and well protected.

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Survives Cold, Heat, and Fire.

JIOS AeroVa is a silica aerogel powder. As such, it has a wide operating temperature range of -200 to +1,600 degrees Celsius. That’s equivalent to -148 to +2,912 degrees Fahrenheit. This versatility makes JIOS AeroVa an attractive performance additive for thermal insulation even in the most extreme circumstances.

Furthermore, it is resistive to fire and therefore, makes an ideal additive for fire resistant and fireproof application materials.

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Sound Absorption.

Sound is just another form of energy transfer and just like heat, JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder is excellent at absorbing sound energy and creating a sound barrier.

JIOS AeroVa is the perfect additive for sound insulation applications, especially in the automotive and construction sector. Significant sound absorption, and therefore, noise reduction is observed in the 1,000 ~ 2,000 Hz frequency range, where audible noise from mechanical vibration is concentrated.

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High Surface Area.

High Volume.

Thanks to its open-cell structure, the inside and outside surface area of the nano-pores of JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder particle all add up to amount to a very high surface area. The measured BET surface area ranges from 600 to 800 m2/g. This is more than triple its fumed-silica cousin!

This unusually high surface area results in much higher volume when JIOS AeroVa is mixed with liquid compounds, compared to conventional additives. This leads to big cost savings, as only a small amount of JIOS AeroVa is needed to produce the final product volume.

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Technical Data

Name Product Category Type Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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It’s Easy to Formulate with JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder

Formulating your products with JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder lets you develop premium performance offerings at a surprisingly affordable cost. Our engineers have successfully added JIOS aerogel powder to a wide array of common products such as those listed below.

JIOS Aerogel will work with your product development team to formulate a product that has the performance and price profile to succeed in your marketplace. In many cases we have accelerators that include formulations, performance metrics, test results and even machines that can help you jump start your product development.


JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder is an ideal solution for cell-to-cell thermal insulation for Li-ion batteries. Performs under severe compressive load, with high compression set and extreme temperature range.

JIOS AeroVa® FR is an inorganic intumescent passive fire protection coating that is ideal for use in Li-ion battery modules and casings to prevent propagation under thermal runaway and protect passengers.

Coatings – JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder is a great sound attenuator. Add our powder to your sound dampening coating to reduce interior noise.

Building Materials

Gypsum – Adding JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder to your gypsum board formulation can reduce thermal conductivity by 20% to 60%, improve sound attenuation and make your boards super insulators.

Cement – Low thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and hydrophobic properties make aerogel powder the perfect solution to improve cement’s thermal and moisture resistance.

Thermal Coatings – Aerogel is a powerful insulator. Adding JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder to your formulation gives you a top performing coating that delivers performance with less coats.


Masterbatch – Adding JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder to your masterbatch formulation gives you top thermal insulation properties in a convenient package. JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder is fine grain and small enough to fit inside most masterbatch application products, including threads! It is the ideal thermal additive!


JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder can provide waterproof, UV protection, and oil absorption benefits when formulated into skin care products. Silica aerogel is designated as a GRAS substance by the FDA.

Introducing ArmaGel, Powered by JIOS AeroVa®

Armacell JIOS Aerogels Ltd. (AJA) has launched ArmaGel, the aerogel blanket for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Seal of Excellence

With the Powered by JIOS AeroVa® seal on your product, customers are ensured your product is backed by the best aerogel powder in the world. Quality Guaranteed.