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Welcome from the CEO

Welcome to the JIOS Aerogel website.  We’ve endeavored to make it easy for you to navigate our site to find out about our company, download technical data, watch product demonstration videos, and in particular, discover our unique process for producing aerogel powder at prices previously thought impossible.

We hope you become as excited as we are about the boundless opportunities that are now possible thanks to the paradigm-shifting  cost reduction we’ve achieved as a result of our breakthroughs in aerogel manufacturing.  Industries as diverse as building materials, cosmetics, textiles, automotive, home appliances, among many others, are now discovering what is possible with aerogel that is priced competitively with traditional, lower-performing offerings.

We encourage you to contact any of the individuals on our marketing team to find out much more about how JIOS can work with your company to take your existing and future products and solutions to the next level.

Thank you for visiting the JIOS Aerogel website.


James S. Lee, Chief Executive Officer

JIOS Mission Statement

JIOS Aerogel Limited is the most efficient mass producer of silica aerogel powder in the world.  Enhancing building products, coatings, and films with JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder offers a way for our clients to create high margin, high performance product offerings at mass market premium prices.  JIOS currently services the gypsum, cement, coatings, perlite, films, and threads industries.

JIOS Company Information

JIOS’ business is built around competing on cost.  We believe that if we supply our clients with low cost aerogel, they’ll be able to make great products that will make the world a better place. JIOS was founded by project leaders in Korean government-sponsored research teams that developed new approaches to the production of silica aerogel.  Since its founding in 2010, JIOS has continued to invest heavily in R&D and engineering to be able to produce aerogel at rapidly declining costs. We sell high volumes of powder directly to top tier industry partners.  Until the founding of JIOS, high costs and low volumes have prevented mass development of aerogel in existing everyday applications. JIOS uses a novel, proprietary production process that employs readily available raw materials, a one continuous step process which combines sol-gel, gelation, and ageing, and an ambient drying process which all helps to reduce production cost. JIOS’ ambient drying process differs from the standard “supercritical drying” process and drives production time down from the usual several days to less than 3 hours. JIOS’ disruptive pricing allows global leaders to develop aerogel enhanced performance lines at market acceptable prices.

Drying Process

To help our customers bring their aerogel enhanced products to market faster and with less risk, JIOS has also developed numerous aerogel application technologies and IP in target industries which we license and share with customers. These are exciting times for JIOS and the aerogel industry.  We’ve signed a number of agreements with market leaders in many of our target industries. JIOS is currently working with many global leaders including  Etex Group on the development of aerogel applications and products. An exciting group of new high performance,energy efficient aerogel enhanced products should be reaching consumers in the next three to nine months.  Stay tuned…

JIOS has offices in Seoul and Osan, Korea and Irvine, California.

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