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We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Waste and shortage occur all around us and the products that can mitigate those challenges are the ones that make a difference. Our research is dedicated to making aerogel’s remarkable properties into the products that touch the world every day.

World Class Experience

Our research and engineering team have over 30 years of experience working with aerogel.  This depth of experience gives us a unique ability to not only commercialize aerogel at an extremely competitive price, but also work effectively with it in the development of applications.

Our first generation “pilot” plant was built in March 2010 with a capacity of 22 tons per year.  At that time, the quality of the aerogel powder matched that of the average commercial grade aerogel and production cost was already a fraction of the prevailing spot price.   We are now producing at 120 ton capacity using our second generation plant.  We are also building a much more efficient and compact third generation 300 ton modular powder production unit which will go online in 2016.

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Constant Improvement

Each year, our R&D department has continued to extract quality improvements to thermal conductivity while at the same time lowering production costs.

JIOS holds or has applied for 29 patents related to aerogel production or applications.

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