The Aerogel Blanket

Thermal Conductivity

Best in class thermal insulation performance.
Meets and outperforms the thermal conductivity set by ASTM 1728.

Super Hydrophobicity

With contact angle over 150 degrees, water doesn't stand a chance.


Highest flexibility aerogel blanket in the world.
Twist and turn as much as you like.

Easy Form Fitting

Wrap 'em around the smallest pipes with ease.

We can also do THICK

thickness from 5mm to as thick as 20mm and beyond.

Well.. for big pipes.


Yes it breathes, letting the water vapor out while keeping the temperature in.

Minimal Dusting

Specially coated to minimize dust, installation is a breeze.

Patented Manufacturing Process

Every blanket roll is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility
using our unique patented process.

Setting the Standards

As a member of the ASTM 1728 committee,
we are didicated to setting the standards higher everyday.

Highest Quality

First and foremost, we strive to achieve the highest quality.
Offering you the best aerogel blanket in the world, that is our promise.

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