As business in the United States pursue sustainable construction in an effort to improve energy- and cost-efficiency, companies are desperate for new alternatives that are not preferential to heat loss or temperature change over time from the insulation quality of previous generations, 

Several of these companies have turned to JIOS as an ideal solution to meet retrofitting and primary installation needs for green construction and net-zero energy buildings. Interviews conducted by Green Economy described JIOS’s product as “the best insulation in the industry,” citing the sound dampening, flame retardant, moisture resistant qualities of JIOS Aerogel’s insulation products powered by “super material,” JIOS AeroVa® silica aerogel powder.

JIOS Aerogel is a company that has become the vanguard of the aerogel industry because of how they integrate aerogel into so many applications such as paints, coatings, cement, plaster and gypsum.”

JIOS was further praised for the added benefit of moisture reduction were also noted as lowering operations and upkeep costs for businesses by improving air quality and removing the risk of mold growth.

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