JIOS Aerogel

In 2013, JIOS Aerogel was founded on patented technology for the production of JIOS AeroVa®, the finest grades of aerogel powder available worldwide – at less than half the unit cost of its closest competitor. Scaling the price of silica aerogel powder to economically feasible standards for the first time enabled JIOS Aerogel to facilitate further development of new applications across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, home market, and oil & gas.

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Our Vision

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Client Accountability

Determination to deliver previously unimagined value to our clients by leveraging the economic and production efficiency of JIOS AeroVa® in delivering the highest performance at lowest cost.

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Commitment to R&D

Dedicated resources for realizing unparalleled utility from aerogel’s multifunctional benefits and creating new aerogel applications through close collaboration with our industry partners.

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Targeted Commercialization

Focus on scaling production factors while upgrading and extending product lines across new and existing industries, en route to product optimization and commercialization.

JIOS Aerogel Today


Company History

2013: JIOS Aerogel Founded
Established to commercialize a revolutionary approach to the production of silica aerogel.
2016: Finalized Joint Venture to Commercialize Aerogel Blanket
Announced formation of Armacell JIOS Aerogels, Ltd. to produce aerogel blankets powered by JIOS AeroVa® for the Oil & Gas industry, proving the technological viability and scalability of JIOS Aerogel technology.
2017: Launched roVa Line of Aerogel-Based Applications
Unveiled a product line powered by JIOS AeroVa®, showcasing JIOS Aerogel's continued commitment to R&D, constantly striving to refine the aerogel powder core product while expanding its range of feasible applications.
Beyond 2018: JIOS Aerogel in the Future
Dedicated to uncovering new means of helping our client maximize the multifunctional benefits of aerogel to enhance existing products and facilitate previously unfeasible applications.

Aerogel Solutions

Fueled by unmatched superiority in efficiency and scalability of production for its JIOS AeroVa® core product, JIOS Aerogel has always remained committed to uncovering new means of helping our client maximize the multidimensional potential of aerogel to improve key existing products and envision new possibilities for innovation.

Today, JIOS Aerogel hopes to prove its comprehensive engineering “know-how” about how to effectively incorporate aerogel into marketable end products through unveiling an in-house line of applications to demonstrate its usability.

This roVa product line, powered by JIOS AeroVa®, spans the entire value chain–from robust insulation and fire resistant coatings for construction to secondary products such as insulation padding for protective garments to consumer-accessible products such as a flexible insulation tape suitable for everyday use.

Looking forward, JIOS Aerogel hopes not only to continue engineering viable aerogel solutions to meet advancing client demands but also to redefine the landscape of aerogel application development, as a pioneer of a new aerogel solutions industry.

Our Mission

JIOS Aerogel empowers clients across a limitless range of industries to leverage aerogel’s full
potential in transforming existing products and creating ground-breaking new processes to
full fill our commitment not only to the next step in aerogel-based applications but also the first in the
genesis of a full-fledged aerogel solutions industry.

Our Team

JIOS Aerogel is driven by an array of world-class scientific, engineering, finance and marketing talent
with decades of experience in their respective fields at leading companies across the globe.

Commitment to R&D

Founded to optimize a patented production
process and continued through development
of innovative aerogel solutions by engineers
from multidisciplinary backgrounds in
chemical, semiconductor and
nanotechnology engineering.

Versatile Leadership

Leveraging the business acumen of an Executive Committee whose diverse experiences span intercultural working environments for both technology sectors and the finance industry, in banking, trading, and
private equity.

Global Industry Expertise

Demonstrated by worldwide operations with
a wide range of industry partners, supported
by a Korea-based global marketing team,
dedicated US sales office, and collaboration
with leading high-value distributors in
North America and Europe.