JIOS AeroVa® FR Coating

Powered by JIOS AeroVa®

An inorganic intumescent fire-retardant coating based on JIOS AeroVa® aerogel powder

Activated when exposed to direct fire or heat exceeding 200 celsius, expands (without char) to provide an excellent thermal barrier and prevents propagation during thermal runaway

Powered by JIOS AeroVa® silica aerogel, passive fire protection for Lithium-ion battery module and pack

Inorganic, Smokeless, No Char!

Features of JIOS AeroVa® FR Coating

• Thermal Insulation       Intumescent coating with over 500% expansion rate

• Fire Protection             Expanded silica layer limits fire and heat transfer

• Heat Resistance          Withstand up to 1,200C

• No smoke / No smell   Inorganic, silica-based chemistry

• Durability                     Robust coating layer

• Applicability                 Simple spray application and quick dry

Performance of JIOS AeroVa® FR Coating

Passive Fire Protection Performance of JIOS AeroVa FR Coating

3mm polycarbonate plate coated with 2mm of JIOS AeroVa FR coating treated to direct gas torch for 5 minutes

Backside temperature over 5minutes

Technical Data

Name Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
JIOS AeroVa®FR Coating TDS SDS