Aerogel Insulation Tape

With thermal conductivity of only 0.040W/mk
and thickness of only 1mm and below,
roVa Flex provides unparalleled thermal insulation.

When you need ultimate thermal protection
and anti-condensation solution
in a very thin profile,
roVa Flex is hard to beat!

Introducing the new roVa Flex Plus!
It's non-stick with improved thermal performance
for industrial applications.

Easy to Handle

Flexible and Versatile

roVa Flex is a flexible insulation tape that is easy to customize to fit various shape and form. It is the dry alternative solution to the wet roVa Shield insulation coating, for situations when painting and drying is not an option.

Easy to Wrap

Great for pipes and walls

Flexibility and slight stickiness allow roVa Flex to bend easily and stay intact when wrapped around objects such as pipes or equipment casings. For a more secure permanent solution, adhesives can be used to hold roVa Flex in place.


Safety Protection

roVa Flex improves the safety and performance of Li-ion batteries in electric vehicles. In case of a puncture from an accident or a simple malfunction, heat generated from one battery compartment will spread over to adjacent compartments and thereby quickly overheating the entire battery pack inside the vehicle.

Incorporating roVa Flex between compartments will shield the heat spread and buy more “golden time” for passengers to escape, increasing the likelihood of survival. Adding fire resistance performance to the original roVa Flex will give the added protection against fire, as well as heat, from spreading quickly through the entire battery pack.


Maximize Performance

roVa Flex improves battery performance in cold weather conditions. Battery performance degrades dramatically during winter times when temperatures fall near or below zero degrees Celsisuis (or 32 degrees Farenheit).

The performance degradation is observed by drastically shortened lifetime of the battery thereby limiting the flight time for drones, and also by sudden drop in maximum power output thereby limiting the fancy maneuvers of drones since only limited supply of current can be drawn from the battery at any given time.

roVa flex will shield the battery from being exposed to the cold temperatures and protect it from “freezing,” allowing the battery to enjoy a more comfortable ambient setting and operate as if the drones are flown on a day when the weather is beautiful.


Easy to Customize

Simply draw on top of the back sheet and cut accordingly. Then, peel and attach roVa Flex to desired object. Slightly sticky nature of the insulation tape will help self attach to most surfaces. Use spray adhesives for a more secure fit.

Outdoor Life

Extended Performance

Battery-operated outdoor gear performance can deteriorate in cold weather. Covering and insulating them with roVa Flex insulation tape can prevent shut down and extend performance under harsh cold conditions.

Insulator Lining

Gearing Up!

roVa Flex is a great insulator lining for special gears, ranging from ski gloves to steel furnace worker vests.