Venture Beat’s recent article, “How Lowering Costs is the New Disruption”, lauds JIOS for its production of NASA grade aerogel at a fraction of the production costs and manufacturing time as that of its global competitors.

Author Chris Taylor observes that disruption occurs when new techniques and automation make high-performance, expensive products cheap and plentiful. This phenomenon is seen today in South Korea, where JIOS Aerogel has figured out how to massively disrupt the cost-benefit equation for insulating materials, carving a notable disruption to the global aerogel market and facilitating key growth in its market penetration through showcasing the effectiveness of its innovative production processes and industry applications of its finer-grade JIOS AeroVa® silica aerogel powder.

By further developing its aerogels and demonstrating JIOS AeroVa®’s high adaptability across industry needs, JIOS has made aerogel a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative available for urban remodeling and expansion in scarcity-constricted conditions. In reliably producing high-quality aerogel with unprecedented rapidity and efficiency, JIOS has initiated a paradigm shift still rippling through the industry, contradicting the old adage, “fast, cheap, or better – pick two,” by offering a superior product at an incredibly competitive cost.

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